Hair Care Instructions

Welcome to BoutiqBou online hair shop. You will be delighted to know we now have lace closures and Malaysian virgin hair weave.  Our hair texture is very different from what you will buy on high street shops. The hair is so soft and very smooth and lasts more than 18 months depending on care. Once you have tried our hair you will tell your friends and families about us. Please look out for our Newsletter letting your know of our best seller or sales. Thank you.

 Hair Care Instructions

  • Detangle hair from bottom up using your fingers before washing.

  • Using lukewarm water, wash hair with mild shampoo.

                    (Do not twist or rub vigorously !)

  • Rinse out shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  • Apply leave in conditioner.

  • After washing, starting from the bottom, Place hair on a towel and allow to air dry.

  • Apply light hair serum if hair looks dry. Then comb with a large comb.

  • For deep and wavy hair, run fingers gently through the hair after applying hair serum. (Do not brush or comb wavy or deep curl hair)

  • You can use straightner or curler to style straight hair. However do not use this frequently or the heat will make the hair to easily dry and tangle. Use low heat

  • For wigs, whether swimming or sleeping, it is better to take it off and put it on the mannequin.

  • The hair is 100% Peruvian, Brazilian and Eurasian hair weighing 100g per piece

  • Please note when swimming or before going to bed tie hair up and wear a swimming cap to keep your hair out of the water to prevent tangle.

  • NEVER Sleep on wet hair.